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tv   The Dylan Ratigan Show  MSNBC  April 21, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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economic function whatsoever. >> meantime back on capitol hill, the senate agriculture committee today passing senator blanclincoln's derivative's reform plan, unveiled right here on "the d.r. show" last week. one republican voting yes. that was senator chuck grassley. this, perhaps, the brightest spot in the dodd proposal. it brings much greater transparence who what currently operates as a $600 trillion, $600 trillion -- $600 trillion secret gambling market, betting market and also be significant new capital requirements for firms who make risky bets. this was the betting parlor for the top 1% open by president clinton, bob ruben and larry summers and it is the same gambling parlor that the goldman sachs instruments were utilize to ultimately cost us a few billion dollars in payouts because of their blackmail. the plan from the democrats, separates commercial bank -- or from senator lincoln, specifically, separates banking from these derivative swaps, meaning that any bank that takes
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your money or my money would be banned from speculating with these types of derivatives. that's also good. the president reacting moments ago to the proposal from linkan to john har good. when you've got these complex financial instruments they should in a clearinghouse in an exchange like the stock market where taxpayers aren't on the hook if one party in that situation goes belly-up. >> senator lincoln's plan is certainly the toughest we've seen so far on derivative, though still soft on end users of those derivatives. the next fear of course is that it'll be even softened further as it heads to the full senate. josh rosner reporting, aggressively lobbing the treasury. jpmorgan very active in that secret derivative's market and then there is this, the gop may be walking back from its opposition to the current bill. minority leader mitch mcconnell now telling reporters that both
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party are making progress towards a bipartisan plan. but that's not stopping the rnc from putting out a new ad today, slamming the president and the democrats about a hallmark concern of reform efforts, the failure of either party to end too big to fail. >> step right up. step right up. enter the wacky world of obama's financial regulation fun house. a land of illusion. >> the ad goes on to slam the president for supporting what republicans call a $50 billion permanent bailout fund. remember, the republicans' plan is essentially, let them fail. they have no solution. although the bailout two years ago by the republicans led by a republican president, proves that the republicans are not actually willing to do that because the failure of these vary institutions threatens all of our job in this entire economy, that is the blackmail of too big to fail. the democrats' plan doesn't stop it either. they just create actually two
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classes of bank. one, codifies too big to fail banks, that allows them to threaten our entire financial system, and the other creates a smaller class of banks that will be allowed to fail. think of it like i said yesterday like a fraternity. $50 billion fraternity, if we're members we get cheaper money, special privileges and the backing of the u.s. government which gives us an unfair advantage against any other business and bank that is out there. creating an official too big to fail institutions as a separate class and then all of the other banks get obliterated by this legislation because it's impossible for them to compete to those that are a member of the special too big to fail fraternity. again,s only solution for real democracy, real capitalism, the ressrection of lending and investing in this country, break up the mega banks. it's not just me. read around town. if you understand the most basic aspects of this, it's almost -- it borders on absurd. joining us now senator tom coburn, republican from oklahoma. why are we not seeing senator, either party coming out with a
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real plan to break up these banks? >> well, first of all, we don't know what's in the final package, dylan. your prescription is probably the best prescription, is to write legislation that limits the size and scope so that we really do have competitive markets and that we don't have a true risk to the economy from any one institution. so i wouldn't disagree with that. i can't tell you the reason. i'm not on the banking committee. but i can tell you what -- i'd take issue with one thing you said. >> please. >> is we've had some really good negotiations. i talk with the senator shelby as well as senator corker, and we're building a bipartisan compromise that will actually fix a lot of the problems so and that's what i think the american people would like us do and i would agree with you that unless you eliminate this -- this group of too big to fail, unless you take it off the table, you haven't really solved the underlying problems. >> that seems to be the elephant in the room, however, senator, we have yet to see a proposal
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put forth from either democrats or the republicans that actually deals with it. i think of it like a bomb in a restaurant. and no one wants to go in and actually dismantle the bomb. they just want a plan for what to do the next time the bomb blows up but you and i both know we need to get the bomb out, which is too big to fail. >> well i think that senator ted kaufman's working on language with that and i've been talking with him about that so i think that you'll see some attempts to do this once this gets to the floor. >> how do you interpret the news this afternoon that senator dodd wants to rush this bill to the floor today. >> well, i can't interpret it for you we're have a meeting at 4:30 today to go with it and see where we stand. there's no -- look, there's no rush right now. we need to get it right. let me make a couple of points. no matter what we do, the real reason we had the problems we had is congress failed to do its oversig oversight. if you look at the hearings we had with senator levin and myself on washington mutual, ots was an abject failure. if you look at the stanford or if you look at the madoff cases
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or if you look what's going on with the s.e.c. now, they failed. so where are the oversight hearings on s.e.c., on otfs ork fdic ofannie mae ofreddie mac, where are the oversight there? congress failed to do its job. >> and isn't that because it was in congress' interest to become compliant with the ever-expanding bank gambling parlors because the bankers made more money because they were no longer subjected to the realities of modern technology, which had made their traditional businesses less profitable and politicians had the opportunity to offer up free money for everybody for a while, which is also in their interests. >> well, i think, basically, the reason for it had nothing do with that. as the fact it's not -- it's not fun to do oversight. and we have a bunch of short-term thinkers rather than long-term thinkners congress. and they think as far out as the next election rather know that the next generation. >> how do we change that culture so we stop getting the political
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expedience and the decisionmaking that we get from its congress and its willingness to accommodate those who appear to be politically favorable at that moment or that election or those who appear to be the best source of funds for that particular election? >> well, i'd say you do two things. you change who's here now. and number two, is elect people who are not current politicians. people who have a wide-range of experience in the real world, not the political world and you'll get commonsense solutions and real work towards those commonsense solutions. >> how is it that you believe that will be the political will -- or do you believe it will be the political will to do the hardwork necessary of disassembling some these mega banks in the face of the army of lobbyists that exists from the big banks? >> well, i don't know. i think we are waiting to see. the fact is -- is -- is the big banks can handle the bills that are going through now. they're actually probably not too objectionable to what's going through because they already have the compliance people. they have the resources. what we're passing or what is
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proposed to be passed is going to hurt the regional banks, the small banks, you know the community banks. we're doing -- we're fixing -- we're fixing -- again instead of the real problem. >> yeah, and because you create that special fraternity for the too big to fail banks you obliterate the smaller banks, as you just described, and yet we have not seen a meaningful plan come forward from our congress, whatever their political affiliation may be, to actually disassemble the too big to fail banks. do you think that'll be forthcoming? >> well, i think if we get a chance to offer amendments on the floor, which i'm hopeful we will. i don't think we'll agree to the floor without offering amendments. i think that you'll see some good hardy amendments in that regard. >> senator coburn, i can't thank you enough. >> good to be with you. miss you on cnbc. >> thank you. coming up on "dylan ratigan show" we'll talk to bernie sanders of wall street's game three-cart money. gambling casino and how they
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have rigged the game to take our tax money to fund and subsidize their gambling and they're still doing it till this day. we must put it to a stop. more information about what they're doing is our friend. plus, outrage in the desert. will arizona's new immigration bill spark a push for comprehensive immigration reform? first, health care, now banks. you can see what's coming. and the creepiest thing we've seen all day. something we found while you were working. oh, yes. [ vrrroooooomm! ]
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we're back. time to mix it up with the day's headlines. silly spending by both political partiancy countdown to a supreme court fight. you can see what's coming there and we begin with protest's of arizona's controversial immigration bill. stop and demand document fration people on the suspicion that they are here illegally, it smells, of course, of profiling. governor jim brewer's not yet said if she will sign that law. highlights the need for a national immigration law and warns that voters might punish democrats if they don't pass some version before november. >> they don't necessarily have to fill the ranks of the democratic party. they can simply stay home. >> senate majority leader harry
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reid promising house leaders that an immigration bill will reach the floor this year. here to mix it up is our panel, former clinton white house staffer david goodfriend and republican strategist brent littlefield. brent, how do you look at this? >> well, look, this is a nation that's been built on immigrants. we all remember the phrase "give us, you're tired, you're hungry and you're poor." we're a compassionate nation. but we're also a nation of laws and the state of arizona has been overrun by illegal immigration. i understand that they have problems there. they're looking for a solution and we're talking about illegal immigration here. we're not talking about immigration. we're talking about illegal immigration. i think that sometimes gets lost here in the shuffle. >> yeah, david. how do you put this illegal immigration conversation in context referencing both the use of the illegal labor in restaurants, service, agriculture in our country, and the drug war that rages in mexico, which encourages so many of these individuals to seek
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refuge across our southern border. >> well, you can't divorce this issue from the culture ral identity that is found on either side. namely, you know, within the latino community, this is perceived as sort of a dehumanization, and really quite racist reaction to the issue of immigration. whereas, in the conservative republican community in arizona apparently, it's fair game to say you know we want to slam the door shut. now i think we can discuss the merits of immigration policy. i would point out, california, new mexico, other borders states that don't have this kind of extreme immigration in place and have managed real well. what this means going into the midterm elections. you can look at the west and southwest and see how the political map is impacted by the latino community. colorado, nevada, new mexico, and arizona. the thing that i think we're seeing is the swing block vote
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of latino voters for democrats in particular is focused on this issue intensely. there's a reason why harry reid, who has a tough re-election campaign in nevada, is focused intensely on this issue. this is, i predict, the major issue for the midterms in the swing districts in the west and southwest. >> all right, let's move onto both the republican and the democratic parties and their national committees, specifically. and how they spend their money. it turns out they spend the vast majority of it on everything except for political candidates. the democratic committee $60 million on things like catering at the washington hilton and, thank you gifts from d.c. jewelry stores. the republican national committee $74 million on things like that conference in hawaii that's already been widely covered and office supplies, which include jelly beans and a variety of liquors. the two committees spending about two-thirds, 66%, of their total money collected on administrative expenses and wining and dining other rich donors. brent, david, to both of you, do
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i need anymore evidence of the fact that the primary occupation of political parties is fund-raising from other rich people in order to continue to fund their political battles and doesn't that speak to the very fundamental corruption of the democracy? >> well, i'll take this one first. i mean as speaking as somebody who has written his fair share of checks to candidates, it's not fun but it's certainly part of politics and we want to believe this our political contributions to people that we believe in goes into political expenditures. >> but they're not. you hope that, but i'm telling you as somebody who is writing checks, david. >> yeah. >> 66% of your money goes to the funding of thank-you gift and dinners for other people to raise money. >> but that number, let's be fair that number from this past quarter, look at what happens. >> let's say it happens. >> listen. what happens in the quarter just before an election, it flips on its head. >> sure. >> most of the money goes out for ads and things of the sorts. >> of course. >> the real issue is i wish there was less money in politics. like in arizona where janet
4:18 pm
napol napolnap nap napolano did on this. >> we're talking about public financing. the fact that the democrats are now trying to answer for what they accused the republicans are doing. they have really bad books as well. they have all kinds of problems and all i can tell you is the campaigns that i'm involved in, we're running lean, we're running mean. the voters are on our our side and we're happy to be in the fight and picking up voteings this fall for republicans. >> all right. finally, president obama begins talks -- well, he kind of dodged the thing there, brent, but what the heck. mix it up. listen, i like you, it's fine. we like. >> you trying to flip it into a public policy debate. >> you know that david is sitting there saying why did i have to go round and round for that. >> anyway, i'm sorry, david. the president talks a potential nominees for the supreme court to fill a soon vacant seat, there you know this. the president meeting with senate leaders today to discuss the process for replacing justice john paul stevens. he's expected to make the pick by the end of may. may 26th, specifically. though republicans are warning
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against a rush to judgment in the context of supreme court selections, brent, i'll start with you, how do you think this one goes? i don't know, rate it between clarence thomas and john roberts, i guess. >> well, this one's going to be pretty rough. we have a serious election going to right now, and the president has tried to keep everybody calm down. he wants everybody to believe that he's going to look for a moderate justice but all of his policies are so far left that we've just got assume that he's going to pick a justice that's pretty far to the mainstream even if he tries to coerce people into believing that justice is not. i think it's going to be a pretty big debate. >> all right, david, go ahead. >> well that's an interesting narrative. we just gite preview of how the republicans are going to try to spin this and of course president obama is moderate in his politic, justice sotomayor won easily. may last year, confirmation before the august recess. we'll see the same thing this year. it's not a big surprise. >> all right, finally, something creepy. i mean you guys enjoy this. it's the ultimate talking head. something we discovered while
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everybody else theoretically was working. take a look at this. apparently, we're not going to look at it because it's not ready yet. but japanese engineers built a freaky robot mouth as a tool for the hearing impaired. like i said the ultimate talking head. the machine analyzes speech patterns. there you go, guys, and offers tips for pronunciation in using an artificial microphone. is this the future of broadcast news? >> dylan, are you afraid that you'll be replaced by in talking head? i'm just concerned about that? is that the newfound concern here. >> 3:00. i'm kidding. i'll see you guys sooner rather than later. thanks for playing. up next in -- or still ahead i should say -- bye you guys. >> thank you. busted a politician who says we should start paying doctors with chickens. how's that for your health reform. plus, a leap of faith in vegas in today's "by the numbers," yes, you can fly. we're back.
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three, two, one! >> go, go, whoa-hoo! >> tourists can now take a leap of faith from the top of the las vegas strip, as you just saw there. that's not for me. i'm not going do it but in today's "by the numbers," something new for your next bachelor party, perhaps. the sky has just opened on the top of the strat us fear. that is the tallest building in vegas and allows adrenaline junkies like you to plummet 895
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feet ending just inch fresplanet earth. during the fall you will hit a top speed of 40 miles per hour so there's some control on those cable lines. they guide it's cable lines guide the jumpers down to a landing point. 10 floors below the point at which you leap. that is roughly the height of the building here at 30 rock. and all you need to do is -- well, take your life in your hands, for one. and then come up with a hundred bucks. as for me, as i mentioned, thanks but no thanks. watching the video over here is as close as i will ever get to going on that ride. up next, on the "d.r. show" how goldman sachs and the rest at wall street plays three-cart monty with your money and then the government pace them off. are you kidding me? we're breaking it down with senator bernie sanders in the moments to come. plus, when a slushy just isn't strong enough the new 7-eleven brand of beer. perhaps a sign of the times. boss: so word's gettin' out that geico can help people save in even more ways -
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all right welcome back. to time to play a little bit of a game here. one, just kind of like the one anyway that was played by goldman sachs. you may have seen this before. i'll call it three-cup monte. i've got the ball here and of course three cups. i will place the ball underneath one of the cups and then i will start to shuffle them around and then you can see bat which ball is under. is it under this cup or is it under this cup or is it under this cup? of course the carnival game can be played one of two ways, honest or crooked and what makes it legal or illegal depends on the sbechbt the operator. if i leave the ball on the court and have you follow the cup with the ball, right, that theoretically is a game based on skill. your ability to follow the ball. but as we all know if i take the ball out and then rig the game,
4:30 pm
like say pulling the ball out midmove, well then it's not only unethical but illegal, and you get busted by the cops. kind of like rigging the game to guarantee that as you bet with me i know that you will never find the ball because the ball is never underneath, right? sound familiar? but let us questions legality aside as to this card game of three-card game monte. the thing that everyone can agree on is that this here is a pretty shady way to make money, however do you it. playing it mildly. where is the thing? oh there it is, right? so here is the trillion-dollar question, why does the u.s. government continue every day including this day today delivering wheel-barreled cartes full of taxpayer money through the federal religious and the gamers to players like goldman sachs so they can play three-carte money with your money. the transactions that we've all learned about since friday's accusations from the s.e.c. whether it is legal or not. since 2008 goldman sachs changed
4:31 pm
its official status to a bank holding company. the firm, as a result, continues to receive access to a constant stream of cheap money that no one else can get not to mention bailouts at 100 cents on the dollar through aig and other government programs including those programs that paid off the actual bets to john paulson and goldman sachs when they bet that this game of three-carte money was going the other way or three-cup monte i guess. making a living with these sort of shady dealings. you can see they weren't even at the top of the lynch. merrill lynch was number one. ubs was number two. bear stearns in there. trillions in federal funds already shelled out $4.6 trillion to be exact with the prospect at risk of up to $23 trillion. wheel barrels of your money rolled in, day after day, to this day, by your treasury secretary tim geithner and by your fed chairman ben bernanke. why are they rolling out that
4:32 pm
money? so that they can gamble with our money? brings us to the solution, doesn't it? how do we stop the three-card shuffle with our money? first thing's first, we have to stop giving these banks our money. don't give them money to gamble with. they need to be broken up so they can stop blackmailing us to give them our money. it's very simple. neither plan right now will do this. they still have total blackmail authority over every person in this country. second, after you break-up the banks, clean up their game. that's very simple. you do that initially by simply bringing transparency. you see that? to the way everybody plays the game so that now we can see how the game is played and you can see if i pull the object of the game, finding this little ball, out. blanche lincoln has a plan for transparency in derivatives.
4:33 pm
will the white house, will the rest of our congress approve of it? joining us now independent senator of this great state of vermont, probably was a bias there senator just because i'm from upstate vermont so i've got a bias. oklahoma's great too, senator coburn's there. are you willing to break up the banks, senator? >> absolutely. i think that is the 64-dollar question or the $64 trillion question. the reality is, dylan, is that you have the four largest banks in this country issuing two-thirds of the credit cards, 50% of the mortgages, and they have over $7 trillion in assets, collectively, which is over 50% of our gdp. of course you have to break them up. a, in order to protect taxpayers against another too big to fail. second of all, l concentration of ownership means unbelievable power and monopolistic influence
4:34 pm
over the whole economy. we've got to blake thbreak them up. there are some economists who think that no bank should be larger than $100 billion in assets. that's exactly what we've got to do. i have legislation in to do that and i'm going to fight on the floor in this financial reform bill in order to bring that about. >> why do you think it's not there now? >> well, from the -- it's -- for the banking committee this would be a radical proposal. second of all, let's be very clear, the issue is not primarily whether congress regulates wall street, it's the degree to which wall street regulates the congress. when we went to deregulation against my very strong opposition over a ten-year period, these guys who have unlimited amounts of money, thousands of lobbyists, huge amounts of campaign contributions, they spent $5 billion in a ten-year period. last year alone, they spent $300 million. the money is flying all over the place right now.
4:35 pm
that's the short answer. to why -- >> is it safe to say this is not a democratic or a republican issue? i just spoke to senator coburn, who said he'd be aggressively in favor of breaking up the bajsf banks. we've heard rumors that senator shelby may be in favor of breaking up the banks. i than are there others money the democratic caucus who are in favor of this but we've yet to hear from either democratic or republican leadership on this issue. >> well i think that you're right. we know that are there three regional fed presidents who are for breaking up these banks. bottom line here's no matter what kind of reform you bring forth, if a bank of america is about to teddle and take with it millions of jobs they'll be bailed out and what you've got to do now is break them up today. >> do you feel that resolution authority without actually breaking up the banks, without actually having capital ratios, without having detection and deterrence, is advocate? >> again, i think that the real solution is to break them up,
4:36 pm
and again let me reiterate this because this point is not made very often, it's not just the too big to fail problem. it is monopolistic control of the economy, an incredible concentration of ownership. who thinks -- i mean if teddy roosevelt were here right now the guy who broke up all the special interests in his day, if he believed that two-thirds of the credit cards were being issued by four banks, does anyone think we should not be breaking these guys up? >> do you have any answer as to why it is, for instance, if you look at the goldman sachs' lawsuit from friday, which at very least, exposed the nature of the bets that people like goldman and their hedge fund clients like to devise, and quite honestly it was a clever bet. they were believe the housing market was overvalued and that the loans weren't going to get paid and they put together a synthetic derivative, a bet, that it would fail. they were right, by the way and received a few billion dollars
4:37 pm
as a result, but -- >> dilan -- dylan, here's the point on that one, take a breath for a moment and think about where we're at. you have a middle collapse collapse, small and median size housing. they're not getting that help. what you have is a wall street listen in a parallel universe playing with trillions of dollars in gambling casinos oinstead of investing in the real economy and producing real products and helping us create real jobs. that is the ultimate issue. we need a new wall street where wall street lives in the real world, not just in a world in which they can use their greed and recklessness to make as much money as they possibly can anyway they can. and by the way, i don't think that goldman sachs is the only financial institution out there engaged in these time activities. >> yeah. i think it's clear, in speaking of that where do we stand on expanding the investigations
4:38 pm
into, for instance, merrill lynch, ubs or deutsche bank, who were -- or excuse me, bear stearns, nar matter, who were among the most active in structuring the type of bets goldman sachs' now taking heat for making? >> well, let's give the s.e.c. credit for finally waking up and being prepared to take on one of the most powerful institutions in the world, but they've got a lot more to do. remember under the bush administration, these guys were comatosed. so we're making some progress but we've got a long way to go. the other issue that i want to mention to your viewers that we're going to be focusing on hard on is that after we bailout our friends on wall street they're now charging millions of people this, this country 25% or 30% interest rates on credit cards. that is usury. that is immoral, that's got end and we're going to be putting forward legislation, supported by a number of people including dick durbin which will put a cap on interest rate from the financial institutions. >> if what you just said doesn't irritate my viewers to the point
4:39 pm
where they just now want to throw something at their television, let's remindm that we are giving the banks money for free to bail them out from their gambling game that i was discussing earlier. they are taking the free money and then lending it back to you and i on our credit cards at 20% or 30%. >> and one of the other issues we're going to fight for is transparency in the fed so they'll begin to understand what's happening. one of my subpositions, i may be wrong this, this, i think we give the feds zero interest money and then they invest that money in government -- in government bonds at 3%, 4%. now how's that for a welfare scam? >> no, no, i think that's fairly well been confirmed and it's a much safer way to make money when you get 0% from the fed, get 2%, 3% at the treasury and you don't lend a dime -- a penny to a soul. >> and no risk a pretty good deal. >> we've got open up one of those. senator sanders, enjoy your afternoon. time now for our "dig list." scientists fearing tremors from that volcanic activity in iceland could actually now trigger an even larger eruption
4:40 pm
nearby. a volcano named katla, the name that no one can pronounce is a decade overdue to blow and would be ten times stronger and shoot a lot more ash into the air. again, there's a belief that these things are attached, one goes, it could trigger another. meanwhile puerto ricans about to be born again rather they like it or not to combat rampant ideptity theft. issued before july 1st of this year, over 5 million puerto rican citizens will have to reapply for vital documents to prove that they actually exist. puerto rican passports a hot commodity because they can be used to prove u.s. citizenship but apparently easier to manufacturer in a counterfeit fashion. meanwhile a new ap poll showi showing -- a flashbacks to the '80s for you. researchers say opinions shaped
4:41 pm
by the toyota brake's scandal, so it was more of their screw-up than our win, but it is good for the american carmakers. meanwhile, the kenya -- the nation of kenya taking issue with the tea party. the kenyan government mocking the political activists by hosting a "real tea party" next week in washington next tuesday. the african nation looking to promote its status as the world's number one exporter of tea. it's clever, if nothing else. finally, from slushies to beer, 7-eleven's rolling out its own beer. a premium brew to those on a budget. like i said sign of the times. up next in "busted," what if a chicken was your co-pay. a politician's bizarre idea for fixing our nation's health care crisis. yes, each day you come in, it gets a little weirder. plus in today's "town square," a woman who's giving up her blackberry, she says,
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4:46 pm
speaker marco rubio to see if the cards were used largely for personal expenses or for personal expenses at all. the probe grew out of a state investigation into another former house speaker, ray sansom. he was indicted on charges that he hid $6 million, hidingu get the point here? whoever it is, they like to hide things, in the state budget to buy an airplane hangar for a friend and donor. so the guy's giving him money, here's an airplane hangar, we'll hide that -- where are my cups? looking into the hundred thousand of dollars. and in a statement, rubio says his spending was "for legitimate political purposes." could be. up next, what if the chicken was your co-pay. sue lauden challenging harry reid is drawing fire for something pretty close to that when it comes to health care. she says people should try to "barter" their doctors in order to drive down prices.
4:47 pm
then instead of clarifying or backpedaling, she double bound. take a listen. >> let's change the system and talk about what the possibilities are. i'm telling you that this works. you know before we all started having health care in the olden days our grandparents they would bring a chicken to the doctor, they will say i will paint your house. they would do eye mean that's the old days of what people would do to get health care. >> i do have to wonder how many nevada voters agree with her new twist on the health care debate with the chicken delivery. although i do agree with her that we have to address the fee for service modeling. get rid of the insurance monopoly that burdens us with the expenses and extracts the money but that's for another day. finally, kudos to missouri senator claire mccaskill. against secrets, they work with secrets on president obama's nominees. she points out that a law passed in '07 says all senators must reveal themselves within six days if they place a hold on a
4:48 pm
nominee, for some reason you can secretly stop things and then hideout so that you don't have political fallout. is it me or does that seem like it was a rule made for them, not us? the rule has since fallen by the wayside. more than 80 secretary holds have been placed on obama nominees everything from amtrak to the ntsb but mccaskill calling out her colleagues. good for you, senator mccaskill. ask for unanimous consent on every nominee forcing those sneaky senators to vote yes or no as they hide somewhere in their office. still a head on the "town square," going green by ditching your blackberry. we'll explain the connections, coming up and then on "hardball" the president and wall street, chris has more of what john harwood's interview with the president straight ahead here on msnbc. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. together with schools,
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all right welcome back. continuing our green theme in the "town square" today hanging up on your blackberry. it may not save the planet but one woman claims ditching your pda once and for all can certainly help you appreciate the world you live in an awfully lot more. with that said my favorite pastime during the commercial breaks, keeping myself tuned in on my blackberry. so i probably could use a little bit of this. easier said than done. jennifer grayson is a -- i pace with or without the blackberry by the way or with the suit for that matter. environmental journalist who is getting rid of her blackberry -- she is the founding editor of the website the red, white and green. what's your thinking here? >> hi, there. well you know i could be giving up my blackberry for the reduction and energy consumption but the reason that i made this decision because in the past
4:53 pm
year since i have gotten my blackberry i really sort of lost my connection with the natural world. and the final straw for me is i went for this beautiful hike yesterday morning, and i didn't realize what was going on during any of it. i got to the about mountain, and realized i'd been check migblackberry the whole time. so that's sort of where this whole -- whole idea came from and i wrote a column about it today for "the huffington post." >> and what about some sort of intermediate solution that says i will only use my blackberry during certain hours, out fishoth boat or out hiking on the woods? is there is an intermediate solution. >> oh absolutely and i'm sure that works for some people and i really advise that. take your time on the weekends with your family, turn your blackbeshy off. but for me, personally, i tried that and it didn't work, unfortunately. i was still just felt the urge to check my blackberry no matter where i was even on a beautiful hike. >> and so how many days have you been sands blackberry? >> i'm doing it for earth day
4:54 pm
tomorrow so i haven't had my first day yet. >> hang on, hold on a second here. let me just be very clear about this. >> right. >> because you're -- your plan is to give up the blackberry to enjoy the universe more? >> exactly. >> we're having the conversation here on national television about this fact. and i think it sounds like a very good idea. you wrote a column for "the huffington post" today describing this, but you still have your blackberry. is that true? >> i do and -- i do have my blackberry. i will disconnect the e-mail service and see how it goes, luckily i work largely from home. 90% of the textis that get via my blackberry aren't that urgent. other than the one i got this morning from your producer, so -- >> what is your -- so knowing that the blackberry's about to go away, having advance planning, it's as if we knew we were going to break up the big banks and needed to have a plan which we're going to have to do, knowing that your blackberry's
4:55 pm
going away what is your contingency the next time, for instance one of our producers want to get ahold of you? stereo well, you have my phone number and hopefully you know i'll be at home, i'm at home usually during business hours in front of my computer and hopefully people will just contact me i have at old-fashion cell phone. >> that was my next question, are you going to keep a cell phone? >> yeah, absolutely. i found that you know the quality of my life didn't really decrease when i had my cell phone. it's really you know that constant interruption of daily life that happens when you have e-mails coming in constantly and text messages coming in. >> all right, listen, true pleasure. i think you make some great point. for sure. although i use my blackberry too much and sometimes even take it fishing which i should probably think about. a pleasure. thank you for the time today. again, i want to close today with some thoughts on financial regulation. but before i do that, again that was jennifer grayson. i didn't say who we were just
4:56 pm
talking to. jennifer grayson whose post is on "the huffington post"today. fundamental theme here today and certainly over the past few weeks, that is banking. as the bill sponsored by senator chris dodd is about to hit the senate floor, now supposedly in just a matter of hours, and as president obama prepares to head to wall street tomorrow with the claims of a crackdown get them on board, there is a massive and major outstanding issue that neither the house plan nor the senate plan nor the plan offered by the republicans addresses. it is our biggest and most fundamental problem. it is the greatest threat to our democracy, period. it is the premise of too big to fail. and as we have been reporting here for months, the only way to stop what crashed our economy in 2008, the only way to prevent the reckless betting, like the
4:57 pm
goldman sachs, john paulson, billion dollar bet insured by aig and paid out with your money, is to break-up the banks so they simply cannot get so big that they can take those bets and, most importantly, cannot get so big that they can deprive others of the ability to compete with them, that they cannot deprive us of the opportunity to get a better credit card rate, and that they cannot deprive our businesses of the ability to borrow money because it is unprofitable for the giant banks. on today's show, both republican senator and conservative, tom coburn, an independent senator bernie sanders agreed, breaking up the banks is the only way to make sure that you and i can put a bumper sticker on our car that says, never again, never again will our money be used by those who manipulate our government to
4:58 pm
serve their self-interest at the expense of our nation. this is not a left/right issue. they fundamental american issue. that does it for us. i am dylan ratigan. "hardball's" up right now. miami heat, let's play "hardball." good evening i'm chris matthews up here in philadelphia leading off tonight the higher you go the fatter the target. for the first time a tea party favorite is coming under the kind of scrutiny other politicians have had to endure in american life. the target, marco rubio of florida, who is clobbering charlie crist in the race to be florida's republican senate candidate. the i.r.s.'s looking into his tax records to see whether rubio and other florida republicans used their party credit cards for personal expenses. we've got the reporters who broke the story. also, the president and wall
4:59 pm
street. president obama told cnbc's john harwood just late this afternoon that the party is over and the crowd that used wall street as a big casino better stop the party. some sernate republicans seem ready to hop aboard. the obama express. plus, the snarlin has started to appear in fill. here's a nasty news ad or a new ad rather from arlen specter against his senate primary opponent, joe sestak. >> joe sestak, relieved of duty in the navy for creating a poor command climate. joe sestak, the worst attendance of any pennsylvania congressman. and near the bottom of the entire congress. >> you're watching the 30-year incumbent arlen specter defending his position. joe sestak joins us later to respond to that negative ad. plus the birther bill. first arizona lawmakers passed a law that permits police to stop suspected illegal immigrants. the arizona house then also passed a provision that w


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